With donations from numerous institutions across the entire globe, there are diverse tissue slides available at your fingertips.  Browse through the database by visiting each collection or by typing in a specific term, tissue, or organ name into the search box.

Please note that some of the collection folders are a work in progress and may be empty.

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Collection Folder (Top Folders):

- Drexel University
- Kaohsiung Medical University
- Loma Linda University Division of Human Anatomy
- Nova Southeastern University
- Okla St Univ Ctr Health Sciences
- School of Dentistry - São Paulo´s University
- The University of Iowa Virtual Slidebox
- Tufts University - Cummings School of Vet Medicine
- University of British Columbia
- University of Buckingham
- University of California San Francisco-University of Michigan
- University of Cincinnati
- University of Colorado
- University of Kansas School of Medicine
- University of Michigan
- University of Mississippi Medical Center
- University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
- University of South Carolina
- University of South Dakota
- University of Tasmania
- University of Virginia
- Virginia Commonwealth University



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